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We are an end-to-end marketplace that enables investments in fractional real estate.

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UT Market is the name of the company, a contraction of "Unit of Trust" and the word "Market." We are looking for the best real estate opportunities in the kingdom of Cambodia and let you invest in real estate from $1.

A UT (Unit of Trust) is a purchasable asset—the digital representation of ownership between the investor and the company that owns the deed of the property. Each property on UT Market has its own set of unique UTs associated with it.

No, a UT (Unit of Trust) is not a cryptocurrency. UTs are not currency used in transactions, they are a digital representation of ownership of shares of physical real estate properties that have completed our extensive due diligence process and publicly listed on our exchange.

UT Market properties are fractionalizable, so suitable investors can invest any amount that fits their needs, starting from $1. Real estate is also a notoriously illiquid industry. By turning real estate into digital UTs, real estate can be accessed by far larger numbers of potential buyers, both due to fractionalization of the assets and the potential reach of internet-based markets. The larger market participants that digital tokens are able to reach increases the liquidity and accessibility of real estate.

Fractional real estate is the concept of splitting up an asset into smaller portions, where it becomes more accessible to individual investors.

You can invest starting from 1 UT (which for some projects can be as little as $1/UT).

With any investment, there is always some level of risk. Our company tries our utmost best to minimize the risk involved. Before we list a property to the public, we complete extreme due dilgence on the asset to ensure that its profitability is feasible to our investors relative to time.

Hard titles of the property, SPA, and investors are encouraged to inspect the physical site of each UT project.